MEILI Silicone 2pcs Cup Set Cupping Therapy for Cellulite Body Massage Suction Cups Therapy 1 (Large) size and 1 (Medium) size

⦁     CUPPING THERAPY KIT – All the advantages of measuring treatment in a successful pack you can use at home! Our measuring set incorporates straightforward silicone containers that are super-delicate and completely adaptable, all housed in a beautiful muslin drawstring pocket

⦁     HELPS TACKLE CELLULITE – Use with or without creams to enhance blood stream and lift lymphatic seepage; your skin will look and feel smoother and firmer with an obvious diminishment in the presence of cellulite. Essentially make a vacuum with the mugs and back rub for up to 10 minutes to get brilliant, solid looking skin

⦁     TESTED AND SAFE TO USE – Made of additional thick high-review hypoallergenic silicone, our cellulite mugs have been thoroughly tried for biocompatibility and solidness. Safe to utilize and simple to clean, they are warm safe up to a greatest of 250˚C, while the adaptable material battles over the top wounding

⦁     PROMOTES SKIN HEALTH – Increase dissemination, give your digestion a kick-begin, and expel poisons from profound tissues. Your legs, gut, and butt will feel more tightly, with cellulite exiled after some time. Utilize day by day for best outcomes and long haul upkeep

⦁    IMPROVES WELLBEING – Chinese measuring treatment is accepted to help unwinding, advance great rest designs, and enhance general wellbeing and prosperity. It can even profit tight muscles and joint torment. Proficient measuring treatment sessions can be tedious and exorbitant, however our measuring set offers all of you the advantage of a spa treatment in the solace of your own home



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